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Tree Assessment Can Teach You More About Their State And Associated Risks

Tree assessment and reviews are very important today, because we try to save as much as possible the nature and live in balance with it, without cutting more trees and participating to the pollution. It is important to know that the trees must be assessed and there are situations when you will need an arborist.

The consulting arborist can undertake a large variety of tasks regarding the state of the trees and the risks they might bring. Therefore, if you want to be safe, if you want to modify the landscape of your property, to build a new house, you have to hire an arborist and let him assess the trees. He will make a report about all the trees interested by the situation. If you are curious about what type of work the arborist can do, here is a brief description of each important task:

1. The trees can be assessed for a correct management

We live in proximity with hundreds of trees, if we are lucky, and we need to know their state, if it is important to keep them or if some of them need to be removed. Some trees can suffer from different diseases or pests and it might be better to cut them, but remember that for every tree you cut, you have to plant at least one to replace it. Also, learning more about their biology, we can learn how to incorporate them in our lives and save them in the construction sites.

2. The specialists can inspect the trees from their branches

Some consultants can even analyze the trees from the air, from their branches and this is very useful, because climbing them, they will see details that cannot be seen from the ground.

3. The root has to be checked as well

The first step is to locate the roots. They can grow underneath different buildings or under pavement and can produce damage to these structures or to different pipes. Moreover, there are diseases that can cause the root to rot and this will make the tree unstable and possible dangerous.

4. The GPS technology helps the tree mapping

A modern and popular service is tree mapping. This method will make a mapped inventory of all the trees in a community and it will be much easier to access the data when needed.

5. Supervising your constructing site

All these Sydney tree services can be used even before you start designing a construction, or during the designing period, but the arborists can help you during the building as well. They will supervise your work and will help you follow your project.