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Taking Out The Trash: Keeping Your Neighbourhood Clean

Everyone wants to live in a nice clean neighbourhood. No one wants a street covered in rubbish with over flowing garbage cans stinking up the streets. Here are some ways in which you could contribute to keeping your neighbourhood clean.

Invest in Good Trash Cans

Having multiple trash cans is one sure way of keeping your neighbourhood clean. Buy yourself two to three large well-built trash cans that won’t easily tip over and that have heavy duty lids that can’t be tipped over by a stray cat. You may also want to have separate trash cans for plastic and glass items and regular perishable household rubbish. Also keep heavy duty trash bags on hand so that you don’t chuck the trash straight in the cans! Wash and clean out your trash cans regularly to keep them from getting smelly and rusty!

Start Recycling!

Taking out the trash alone is not enough to keep your neighbourhood clean. Locate your closest recycling plant and make a habit of regularly dropping off any recycle-able items. Today you have many options to choose from. Check if there’s an electronic recycling plant in your neighbourhood.

An electronic recycling plant will be able to efficiently and responsibly dispose of any items you can take to them with little harm to the environment. You should also consider starting up a neighbourhood recycling drive! Get everyone to drop off all recycle-able items at a single drop off point and have a different neighbour volunteer each week to drop it off. This will create a collective effort to keep your neighbourhood clean and will motivate everyone to help out!

Start a Compost Heap

Recycling and taking out the trash aren’t the only ways in which you can help keep your neighbourhood clean and environmentally friendly. You may like to consider starting a compost heap in your home garden. Do some research online about safety regulations in your neighbourhood and also on how to set up a compost heap? You will be able to add household scraps like fruit and vegetable peelings and old leaves raked up from your garden and gutter to your compost heap. Over time it will convert into a compost or fertiliser that you can use in your garden and even offer to your neighbours! Setting up such a compost heap will help you create a clean, environmentally friendly and sustainable neighbourhood!

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t just focus on keeping your corner of the street clean. Help out an elderly neighbour take out their trash and pick up any stray rubbish you find on the street. Every little bit helps.