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Things To Consider When Extending Your House

We are as humans have the tendency to always want more than what we have. We might have a nice house but we think we could extend a small part it would be nice. Some take it serious and actually make attempts and plans to extend their house in to their garden. Well there a few things you will have to think about before planning out and going for the extension.

First thing is why do you need an extension? This question will answer how you should design it. Do you want to add more value to the house? Do you want to make up more space for an extra room? Most of the time the reason for extension can be just something you wish for without a real reason and it might not be necessary and can save a lot of money.

What is your budget? There will be a lot of charges in terms of the extension. You will need to build the plan and get legal permission for it. There might be some VAT charges involved. Building and clearing charges – it all boils down to what is your budget.

If you have a garden and your extension will require clearing the path of the garden which means if you have a tree in your garden. It may have to go down depending on how your design and plan will go. You might have to hire a tree removal company that offer a range service.

They are experience on getting your tree removed even in confined spaces. It is not only about removing a tree but also the stump so you could build on that land. Stump grinding requires special tools which only the company will have and experience hands to remove them.

A question will arise of will it affect the services to your house? That is the drainage, electricity, water supply, etc. There might be a swear line underneath the place you want to extend and building on it might affect the drainage line. This is something you have to check with the existing plans with your architect.

Hopefully, if you plan correctly you will not be troubling your neighbors. You could never know if you are covering their sunlight or if there things that you both came to a mutual agreement with the fence rule or that tree next to the fence. It will be best if you take the liberty and go have a chat about your new house extension and see what they think about it.

When planning your extension makes you take small thing in to consideration as well so that you may save a lot of money.